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Borneo United Company SDN BHD is a trusted panel member certified by MPOB (Malaysian Palm Oil Board). We proudly offer GPS/GPRS tracking solutions for the Malaysian Palm Oil Industries, and have expanded our offerings to include a diverse new product range.
With our esteemed certifications from SIRIM, MPOB, and Lembaga Pelesenan Kenderaan Perdagangan (LPKP), we strive to deliver the highest quality and most reliable products and services to our customers. Explore our offerings and discover why we are a leader in our industry.

Screenshot of a ListPage in Saas UI Pro
Screenshot of a ListPage in Saas UI ProScreenshot of a ListPage in Saas UI ProScreenshot of a ListPage in Saas UI Pro

Our Company

Established over six decades ago, Borneo United Company SDN BHD has a rich history and deep-rooted expertise in the field of logistics. Since 1972, we have been a key player in fuel and fleet management, consistently providing top-tier service and solutions to our clients.

As we evolved over the years, our offerings have grown far beyond that of a mere Supply Chain Management company. We have expanded our reach to the technology sector, leading the way with our cutting-edge GPS Tracking Solutions. Our operations span across Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East, allowing us to make a significant impact on a global scale. At Borneo United Company, we pride ourselves on our legacy, while remaining keenly focused on innovation and growth. We are poised to continue leading the industry and serving our customers with unparalleled dedication and quality.

Why Us?


Our solutions are certified by trusted bodies such as MPOB (Malaysian Palm Oil Board) and LPKP (Lembaga Pelesenan Kenderaan Perdagangan), reflecting our commitment to quality and compliance. In line with the recent LPKP requirement for all commercial vehicles to have a GPS system with 9 specific parameters, which is compulsory, our GPS technology proudly meets all the specifications.

GPS Tracker.

Our division dedicated to GPS tracking solutions offers asset tracking and fleet management expertise to businesses worldwide.


We are committed to providing superior supply chain services to technology companies, distinguished by an exceptional blend of effective management strategies.


We are proud of our top-level tech skills, up-to-date manufacturing methods, reliable testing processes, and modern facilities.


Managing a large fleet of vehicles, be it trucks, boats, or lorries, can be a complex task, especially for businesses in diverse sectors such as palm oil, manufacturing, and construction. With so many vehicles to oversee at any given moment, maintaining control and efficiency can be challenging. This is where technology steps in. With the aid of GPS tracking devices, like the BUC GPRS/GPS module, the task becomes more manageable. Here's how our GPS tracking solutions can benefit your business, regardless of the type of fleet you manage:
Instant Answers
With real-time GPS tracking, you can monitor where your vehicles are located at all times. This mean location, direction of travel and speed can all be tracked and reported on in an instant. Being able to view this information helps you make instant changes in schedules to better serve your customers. That is the best reason to obtain a BUC GPRS/GPS module and integrate it into your fleet business.
Reduced Insurance Costs
Imagine getting a break on your insurance rates for placing BUC GPRS/GPS module into your vehicles. It is true, that most insurance companies support adding this device to your vehicles in order to reduce their risk. When they are able to do that, they pass along savings to you in the form of lower insurance premiums.
Better Maintenance Schedules
Another way to save money via BUC GPRS/GPS module is by being able to get a better handle on maintenance schedules for your vehicles. Yes, you can obtain vehicle odometer readings from your drivers, but do they get them to you in a timely manner? You can track mileage on your system, plus hours driven. Your vehicles need to be maintained on a regular schedule and being given this type of close watch over them will help you save money. There are so many benefits for GPS tracking devices for your taxi and limousine service that it is difficult to pick the best one. Put them all together, though, and you have a powerful tool that will help you maintain your profitability for a long time to come.
Accountable Drivers
The most difficult thing to have to pay attention to in your business is your drivers. You need a way to keep track of their activities so that if they need to be re-routed based on customer demand, you can move them in a hurry. The other reason for keeping a close watch on your drives is for compliance purposes; both traffic laws and company rules it is a part of human nature that when you are being watched, you are more careful about your actions and activities. The accountability factor is a reality with GPS tracking.
Mobile Employee tracking
Track service people, sales people while traveling outstation or at branch offices.

  • Increased Driver Productivity
  • Real-Time Dispatch Tool
  • Reduced Fuel Expenses
  • Improved Customer Service
  • More Accurate Billing
  • Validation of Service Calls
  • Benefits of a Virtual Time-Clock
  • Lower Insurance Costs
  • Decreased Driver Speeding
  • Decreased Overtime
Transport Management Tool
Now your transport Manager can make decisions and not your drivers. It will increase driver's productivity, save fuel, lower maintenance cost, more accurate scheduling and better customer service.

Our Product

Pay once and get life-time access to our high quality components.


Leverage advanced tracking and fleet management with our BUC800 model. Experience high-precision tracking with advanced safety features. This model is compliant with the recent LPKP regulations.

High precision tracking

Advanced fleet management features

Robust data management and reporting

Durable construction for reliable operation

Sudden acceleration & deceleration detection for improved safety

Harsh cornering detection to ensure safe driving habits

Impact / accident detection for timely response

Compliant with recent LPKP requirements


Leverage advanced tracking and fleet management with our BUC800LM (Liquid Measurement) model. Experience high-precision tracking with advanced safety features. This model is compliant with the recent LPKP regulations.

With liquid mesurement

High precision tracking

Advanced fleet management features

Robust data management and reporting

Durable construction for reliable operation

Sudden acceleration & deceleration detection for improved safety

Harsh cornering detection to ensure safe driving habits

Impact / accident detection for timely response

Compliant with recent LPKP requirements

BUC Track Features

Our BUC Track system offers an array of features specifically designed to streamline your fleet management and enhance operational efficiency. From cloud-based GPS hosting that provides real-time tracking capabilities, to customizable alerts that keep you informed about your vehicles activities, BUC Track is designed with your business needs in mind. Explore the full range of our features below, each designed to help you make smarter and quicker business decisions.

Cloud-Based GPS Hosting.

Access your fleet's data securely from anywhere, on any device (PC, smartphone, or tablet). Our user-friendly and easy-to-learn system also supports multi-fleet management, allowing you to segment your fleet effectively.

Advanced Vehicle Behaviour Monitoring.

Our new device, provides monitoring of harsh deceleration/braking, acceleration, and harsh cornering. This allows for improved safety measures and better management of vehicle usage.

Real-Time GPS Tracking & Historical Playback.

Integrated with Google Maps technology, you can check and monitor your fleet status and view spreadsheets anytime, anywhere.


Get comprehensive reports on the activities of individual vehicles and/or your entire fleet. Receive alerts for idling, engine on/off, speeding/towing, and get updates directly to your email.

Fleet Tracking.

Monitor trips, stops, and manage fleet activities effectively. Our system is designed to help you make smarter, quicker business decisions.

GPS Tracking Alerts.

Configure specific vehicle activity alerts that align with your business's unique needs.


Easily schedule, assign jobs, and pinpoint customer locations that are crucial for your fleet.


We offer vehicle tracking and custom fleet activity alerts for your smartphone, ensuring you stay updated on-the-go.


View driving histories and plan more efficient routes to optimize fleet performance.

Geo-Fence Boundaries.

Draw your own geo-fence boundaries and get alerted when these boundaries are crossed. Alerts can be time and/or speed sensitive.

How Does The BUC GPS/ GPRS Module Work?

All GPS tracking devices use data from the U.S. Governments constellation of Global Positioning System satellites to determine a vehicles location, speed and direction of travel. The tracking device transmits data from GPS satellites overhead to a central computer server via either a communications satellite or, more often, via the local cellular phone network. The vehicle data is updated every 2 - 15 minutes, depending upon the owners preferences and manufacturers settings. The central server makes the tracking data available to the system owner through the internet. The owner logs onto the tracking companys secure web server and sees their vehicle data on a map and in text form. Some tracking companies make the data available for download, so the owner could archive it on their own computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a small business owner or the manager of a large fleet for a regional or national enterprise, your business will benefit greatly from the visibility and control GPS tracking will give you over your field operation. As the saying goes, you cant manage what you cant measure. GPS fleet tracking gives you the intelligence you need to better manage your business.

  1. ▦ Reduce expenses

    • - Controlling mileage and fuel consumption

    • - Accurately measure number of hours worked

  2. ▦ Improve productivity

    • - Better routing and dispatching

    • - Streamlined job management.

  3. ▦ Managing risk

    • - Monitor your fleets speed, stops, and location

    • - Control certain behaviour

BUC BUC’s GPS offers one of the most competitive pricing GPS tracking and fleet management solutions on the market today. By developing the latest in device technology and combining it with our state- of-the-art mapping software, BUC BUC can offer you a truly professional-grade system at an unbeatable price. You’ll work directly with one of our friendly and knowledgeable GPS specialists to help you find the right solution for your unique business requirements.

Our LPKP certification means that our GPS tracking solutions comply with the nine specific parameters that the LPKP has set for all commercial vehicles. This ensures the highest level of functionality and safety for our clients.

The nine parameters set by the LPKP include:
1. Time change monitoring
2. Distance change tracking
3. Vehicle direction tracking
4. Over-speeding alerts
5. Sudden acceleration and braking alerts
6. Impact detection
7. Approved route tracking (geofencing)
8. Speed limit alarms
9. Driver registration for driving time, certified drivers, and rest time (BE License Class).

Our GPS tracking solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your commercial vehicles and meet all LPKP requirements without any major modifications to your vehicle.

No, not at all. Our solutions are designed to save you time and money. A BUC BUC GPS specialist will work with you every step of the way—from finding the right device for your business to providing complimentary web-based training on how to use the mapping platform.My crews go on routes across areas of the country with minimal or no effective cellular phone infrastructure (dead spot), how will this impact my tracking capability?

The first thing to remember is that data coverage is typically much better than voice coverage. So in many cases, even though you might drop a phone call in a certain location, you will not necessarily lose to ability to transmit data in the same place. But if you do in fact lose connection with the cellular network, thereby affecting the devices ability to transmit its GPS data, the device will store,or log, that data until a connection is re-established, whereupon it will push forward all the saved data. In this way, you will still be able to report on all activity, even if the vehicle passes through a dead zone.

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